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Villa Ludwig was build in 1826 and today is registered as a historic monument of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The estate is located in the famous wine village of Wachenheim being a center spot of the official Palatinate wine route. Both the Villa as well as the Gardenhouse comprise two well-appointed luxury apartments each.

The 3.400 sqm. estate park is home to a number of century-old trees with a stunning view of the historic Wachenheim castle. Villa Ludwig offers full privacy as well as quiet and peaceful moments underneath the monumental tree crowns.

The luxury standard residences in the core center of the cultural and holiday region of the Palatinate wine route ensure a memorable and rewarding stay. Wachenheim itself is surrounded by quaint vineyards and directly located at the edge of the Palatinate forest. It is the ideal area for numerous activities, including hiking, biking, wine tastings, wine festivals and historical sightseeing tours.
The area also offers a distinguished culinary variety in the immediate vicinity.


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Wachenheim is a quiet village, but nevertheless offers a fine infrastructural connection.

Mannheim and the cathedral town of Speyer are only a 30 minutes car ride away. The world-famous historic city of Heidelberg is only 45 minutes to the east.
Within a one hour drive either Frankfurt airport or the French region of Alsace can be reached.

The region also offers a fine infrastructure of public transportation.

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